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From its humble first line featuring only brass and beveled glass to today’s array of more than 6,000 products, Maxim Lighting®’s growth and success stems from one simple, but enduring concept—treat customers and employees like family, and never settle for less than excellence. This philosophy attracts the industry’s finest designers, engineers, and manufacturers each dedicated to creating innovative lighting solutions best described as functional art.
Even in the 21st century, the vast majority of Americans still prefer a traditional style. With that in mind, Maxim Lighting® provides the market with more than 1,000 units suitable for residential and commercial settings that reflect heritage, history, and time-honored sophistication. From early American to Spanish, Mediterranean, and Old World European influences, Maxim Lighting taps into the world’s rich cultures and customs to offer the comfort of tradition in a new era.
As a new generation of homeowners emerges, so has the demand for a twist on the traditional. They want the familiarity of their family home, but also want to make their own statement. For this niche, Maxim Lighting® offers transitional designs reintroduced in a softer rendition. Transitional pieces are more than a cosmetic conversion of an old design, they are inspired new designs that give the term traditional fresh meaning and perspective with fixtures that bring the best of the past into the modern world.

With nearly 600 individual items at a medium market price value, each complete family of fixtures consists of multiple-sized chandeliers, flush, semi-flush, sconces, multiple-sized indoor vanities, and multiple-sized outdoor wall mounts, post mounts, pendants, and flush mounts.
ENERGY STAR, Energy Saving, and California Title 20/Title 24
A 2010 Department of Energy study reported that lighting fixtures account for 20–25 percent of total U.S. power consumption. The need to curb energy costs in these uncertain economic times and increased awareness of global responsibility have prompted new regulations such as the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 that bans the domestic sale of general purpose incandescent lamps from 2012.

Maxim Lighting® has been at the forefront of this industry shift, working in close partnerships with the American Lighting Association and the Dallas Market Center. These collaborative efforts, coupled with vital relationships with sales representatives, builders, and customers, have led to the development of one of the strongest ENERGY STAR, California Title 20/Title 24, and other energy-efficient categories in the industry.

Highlighting these efforts, Maxim Lighting now offers its most popular outdoor fixtures in Energy Star versions, as well as commodity-style products enthusiastically used by builders working on medium-to-large-scale projects. Additionally, Maxim Lighting introduced fresh, high fashion, ENERGY STAR designs, for individuals seeking affordable and “green” lighting solutions with style. More than 200 individual items bear the ENERGY STAR, Energy Saving, or California Title20/Title 24 mark.
Dark Sky
Maxim Lighting®’s passion for beautiful lighting draws inspiration from the vibrant light found in nature—the sun, moon, and stars—and takes responsible steps toward reducing light pollution that blocks a clear view of the night sky and wastes energy and money. According to the Dark Sky initiative, excessive outdoor lighting may even disrupt global wildlife and ecological balance, be been linked to negative consequences in human health, and negatively affect astronomers and scientists. The simplest solution is to create bulb sleeves to shield errant light, but Maxim Lighting chose to approach the issue more thoughtfully and creatively. Maxim Lighting Dark Sky collections offer a line of beautiful fixtures with stylish design and stunning finishes at competitive prices, presenting outdoor lighting solutions that put more light where it is needed.

Breaking the mold and standing out from the expected, Maxim Lighting®’s niche and signature collections boast one-of-kind looks including 23 Country French, 26 Far East, 50 lodge/rustic, and 17 tropical designs. While designer companies that focus solely on this genre charge exorbitant prices, Maxim Lighting believes these unique styles should be available to a wider consumer market, and therefore, offers achievable price points as well as a simpler assembly process. Each piece carries the characteristic mark of Maxim Lighting’s attention to detail and passion for quality and some have become longstanding Hallmarks of Maxim Lighting’s best-selling lines. Case in point—the Paradise Collection, nominated for the 22nd Annual ARTS Award.
Keeping stride with market demands, Maxim Lighting® contemporary collections resonate with those seeking clean, modern lines at a middle-level purchasing point. In addition to the 228 soft contemporary products, which represent the next level of modern design beyond the transitional models, Maxim Lighting also offers 2,000 unique contemporary units under its ET2 Contemporary Lighting™ brand—each a bold statement of taste and style.

And unlike companies that design and sell only single units, Maxim Lighting and ET2 Contemporary Lighting create comprehensive collections so that residences and restaurants alike can enjoy uninterrupted and consistent expression of design, form, and function. This commitment to complete collections allows a greater number of consumers to explore contemporary options.

Beyond unparalleled quality and impeccable design, Maxim Lighting offers a distinctive bonus to each customer. With every Maxim Lighting and ET2 Contempoary Lighting fixture comes a comprehensive support system that maximizes customer satisfaction and creates a trustworthy relationship that extends beyond a mere sale. Maxim Lighting works closely with showrooms and offers assistance in merchandising, selling, and caring for the products. Years of intimate relationships with customers bring an innate understanding of customers’ needs, both traditional and contemporary, and allow Maxim Lighting to pass along that knowledge to others.

Under-Cabinet Lighting
Practical solutions to task lighting needs meet creative and aesthetic design ideas in Maxim Lighting®’s strong line of under-cabinet lighting. High performance lighting including 120V, 12V xenon, halogen, and LED bulbs power these essential collections, while multiple different finishes offer massive options in design and décor. Constantly exploring innovative technologies that provide whole-house lighting solutions, Maxim Lighting’s current under-cabinet collections offer dimmer, direct wire, and slim line units for every type of workstation and display lighting.

LED Tape
One of the first viable lighting distributors to market with LED Tape technology, Maxim Lighting® now infuses this innovation with it's StarStrand™ line into more than 156 units with far-sweeping options. Available in both 12V and 24V versions, fixtures incorporating LED tape can be used as simple ambiance lighting, task lighting, creative RGB lighting, and submersible outdoor lighting. This advancement emerges as part of Maxim Lighting’s ongoing research and development efforts and reflects an attentive ear to customers’ concerns relating to design, price, and utility.

For customers seeking beauty and quality capable of enduring extreme weather, Maxim Lighting® created Vivex™, an exclusive material that sets a new standard in outdoor lighting with fixtures that are non-corrosive, UV resistant, and backed by a three-year warranty. With more than twice the strength of the industry-standard polyurethane resin used in most outdoor lighting, Vivex withstands temperatures ranging from -20°F–130°F.

Thanks to this technological breakthrough, Maxim Lighting customers living in harsh climates can enjoy the same style options as their fair-weather counterparts. Furthermore, many Vivex products are also offered in die cast and energy saving versions to keep price point and maintenance costs low.

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