About Us - Logistics

With warehouses in both Southern California and Georgia, Maxim Lighting® stands not only willing to meet every customer need—but ready and able as well.

Financial Advantage
Dual warehouses mean cheaper freight bills and quicker ship times to every single customer, large and small. Whether an unstable economic climate causes financial concerns or lack of storage space prohibits large orders, customers can rely on Maxim Lighting® to quickly ship; essentially consider the Maxim Lighting Warehouse as their own personal stockroom.

Maxim Lighting® goes out of its way to make the ordering and shipping process easy and pleasant. Expediting every order and shipping within 48 hours keeps products flowing through showrooms without delay, but when time is tight, Maxim Lighting can ship urgent items within 24 hours upon request. Maxim Lighting also drop ships to its customers’ customers whenever needed for the ultimate service experience.

The Maxim Lighting® warehouse teams personify efficiency and professionalism. Dedicated to meeting and overcoming any and every shipping challenge, both warehouses work in tandem to provide a full spectrum of services including transfer of stock between locations, a fully automated system that allows for real-time stock status, and direct container programs. Additionally, Maxim Lighting’s depth of product inventory in multiple finishes and glass combinations allows for quick modifications that convert one product to another in cases of low stock availability. And, with some products common to both Maxim Lighting and ET2 Contemporary Lighting, a simple label conversion results in the ability to fill every order quickly and completely.

About Us