About Us - Customer Relationship

Relationships—genuine connections between people who value people—that’s the best way to describe Maxim Lighting.

Business here doesn’t start with designs or products or sales, it starts with people coming together to discuss needs and solutions. And because the best way to meet those needs and create those solutions is to thoroughly understand the people involved, Maxim Lighting goes the extra mile and really gets to know its customers on a personal level. This comes naturally to the people at Maxim Lighting, a company that considers each member of its team part of a closely knit family.

From the first contact with prospective clients it becomes clear that Maxim Lighting does business differently. Respect, integrity, and sincerity lead to a deep level of trust rare in today’s business culture. Relationships form, families meet and socialize together, and customers turn into long-time friends. This atmosphere allows for the freedom to express ideas and concerns in a manner that is limited in most other companies. Customers not only benefit from the full attention of individual sales and customer service representatives, they also enjoy direct access to Maxim Lighting executives. Maxim Lighting encourages every client, large and small, to communicate directly with the president or vice president of the company whenever necessary. Open, full-access communication breeds a culture of mutual respect that strengthens business relationships and instills confidence.

From multilingual customer service and sales representatives who assist Spanish- and Mandarin-speaking customers to the open communication policy that fosters a fluid exchange of business and product ideas, Maxim Lighting demonstrates it commitment to total customer satisfaction every day. This uncommon business model that prioritizes people over the bottom line injects a standard of excellence into every aspect of the company, including customer loyalty, personnel morale, technological advancement, and product quality.

And it all starts with one simple concept—relationships.

About Us