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­­­­Bright Ideas­

Lighting Design Competition


Maxim Lighting and ET2 Contemporary Lighting are the lighting fixtures sought after by name. Renown for their innovative style and value, Maxim Lighting and ET2 Contemporary Lighting has been leading the lighting market for over 43 years. They market themselves both nationally and internationally and have presence in over 1500 showrooms, builders and e-commerce platforms, all of who sing the brands’ praise. The brands’ unique lifestyle lighting offers a variety of lighting fixtures from the traditional to the contemporary for the residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. Their designs include chandeliers, sconces, pendants, ceiling mounts, bath vanities, outdoor fixtures, and LED lighting with design inspiration from around the world.

Competition: Create a contemporary pendant, sconce or LED fixture for either indoor or outdoor use. The design should be an innovative lighting fixture that could be mass-produced and sold in today’s market. This fixture should be marketed for the middle and upper middle to high-end client. 

Awards: A panel of prominent industry leaders will judge the entries. There will be no minimum or maximum number of awards granted, as each project will be judged on its own merit. Applicants will be informed of the winning entries by July 12, 2013. Prizes will be awarded according to the judges’ discretion.

·         First Prize: Trophy, cash award of $1,400 and trip to China

·         Second Prize: cash award of $1,000*

·         Third Prize: cash award of $850*

·         Honorable Mentions**: A cash award of $350

*All winners will receive Local and national recognition through publicity and advertising.

*Cash awards are paid out within one month from the time of announcement of winners

**Honorable Mentions awarded to any non First, Second or Third prize winner whom the panel deems as Honorable Mention and note worthy. 


Rules & Submission Instructions

·         Students currently enrolled in an educational program representing any design disciplines are eligible to enter

·         The fixture must be an individual/group’s original design

·         No limit to number of entries

·         FREE entry

·         Mailed in entries must be postmarked on or before June 23, 2013

·         Entries submitting electronically need to be uploaded complete on or before June 23, 2013

·         To submit electronically, files need to be in .pdf or .ppt files according to Submission Instructions below

·         The entree’s illustration should have proposed light fixture illustrated on a maximum of four 11"x17" sheets. These sheets should include:

1.      A perspective sketch or rendering of the product

2.      Dimension plan

3.      Product material

·         Graphic illustrations may be drawn by hand or computer-rendered. Both presentation and conceptual design will be considered in the judging process.

·         Photographs of product models will be considered only in addition to above requirements

·         Include a Written Narrative, maximum 250-word, describing the product and its use.

o        Include:

1.      Genre (i.e. Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, etc.)

2.      Category of lighting fixture  (i.e. indoor/outdoor chandelier, pendant, ceiling semi-flush/ flush, etc.)

3.      Note the light source (i.e. LED, Xenon/halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, etc.)

4.      Material (i.e. die cast aluminum, forged iron, acrylic, steel, etc.)

5.      Finish (i.e. polished chrome, silver plated, other: describe process/colors)

6.      Source of inspiration (i.e. jewelry, historical period, environment, etc.)

·         The applicant is encouraged to consider the following criteria in the design process:  

o        1. Innovative character of the overall design  

o        2. Use of materials  

o        3. Breadth of practical application  

o        4. Practicality of manufacturing  

5. Target Market (Upper middle class - high end)

o        6. Aesthetics  

o        7. Ease of use and maintenance  

o        8. Light distribution and visual comfort  


Submission Instructions

·         Entry consists of an “Application Form”, the Illustration that consist of a maximum of four 11”x17” sheets, and a Written Narrative describing the product and use. These three components must be submitted complete, either electronically or mailed-in, to be considered.


·         For a copy of the “Application Form” go to : and click “Rules and Submission”. Scroll to the bottom of the Rules and Submission page and click “
Download Application Form Here  ”. A new window with a .pdf application form should pop up

·         Online Submission: Save this .pdf file to your hard drive without completing and rename the file by including your name in this format: “LastFirst_ApplicationForm.pdf.” After saving it to your hard drive complete the form, and add signature.  When you are ready to make your Online Submission, use the “Entry Dropbox” at

·         Mail in Submission: Print this .pdf file, fill out and sign. Once you compile all the components for entry mail it in to address below


PART 2: Narrative

·         Online Submission: The maximum of 250 word narrative need to be submitted in an electronic format as follows: Create a file name that includes your last and first name in this format: “LastFirst_narrative.doc” for word documents or “LastFirst_narrative.pdf” for any other program.

·         Mail in Submission: Print the maximum of 250 word narrative and place it behind the application form. Once all aspects are compiled, mail it to the address below.


PART 3: Illustrations

·         Online Submission: The maximum four 11”x17” presentation sheets need to be submitted in an electronic format as follows: the sheets (pages) need to be grouped into ONE all-inclusive file that can be submitted online. This file can be prepared in one of these formats: 1) Multi-page PDF or 2) Multi-slide PowerPoint presentation. (Other presentation files should not be uploaded and will not be reviewed). Create a file name that includes your last and first name in this format: “LastFirst_presentation.pdf.” for pdfs or “LastFirst_presentation.ppt” for PowerPoint presentations.

·         Mail in Submission: Print your File and place it behind the Narrative. Once all aspects are compiled, mail it to the address below.

Submission Entries

·         Electronica­lly: entries must be uploaded on or before June 23, 2013

1.      Visit

2.      click “ Entry Drop Box”

3.      Click “Choose File” to find your document. Then Click “Upload PDF”

4.       Make sure not to leave the page until you receive a confirmation


·         Mail in: entries must be postmarked on or before June 23, 2013

o       Attn: Bright Ideas Competition

o       Maxim Lighting International

o       253 North   Vineland Avenue

o       Los Angeles, California 91746


To view and print Rules and Regulation:  Download Rules and Regulation in MS Word

To download Application Form:  Download Application Form Here

To open Poster:  Download Competition Poster Here

*Online Submissions: Do not leave page until you receive the “Thank You” page confirming that your files have been uploaded. NOTE: Any incomplete applications will be disqualified. 

DEADLINE: Online submissions must be uploaded by 11:59pm PST June 23, 2013. NOTE: complete all requirements online by the deadlines to be eligible.